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Is PHP dead in 2021? Is PHP still relevant or worth the effort?

Is PHP dead in 2021? Is PHP still relevant or worth the effort?

Is PHP dead in 2021? There's a chance that I wouldn't be so sure about PHP. Is PHP still relevant or worth the effort?

You might have heard it said that PHP is dead or that no one uses PHP these days. Is PHP dead?

Let's talk about the pros and cons of PHP, and then let's decide if PHP is truly over.


1. PHP is a widely-used Internet protocol

According to a blog, 79% of web users have used PHP to date. You may wonder why this is so because WordPress is a significant contributor to the web. WordPress developed in PHP. All WordPress websites are built internally on PHP.

2. PHP is becoming faster and more efficient

PHP is widely used on the internet, so there are always new improvements and updates to PHP. For example, the PHP 8 update got a JIT (just-in-time compiler). PHP is getting faster. The image shows PHP's ability to handle more requests per second.

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Even though PHP is becoming faster, it is still slower than Golang or Java.

  1. PHP PHP has many high-quality frameworks. Laravel is one of them. Laravel, a PHP back-end framework, is very useful and provides security and good practices for your web apps.
  2. PHP has a strong developer community PHP also has an enormous developer community that can assist you with any technical problem. Many developers are available to help with your PHP problems on websites such as Stackoverflow.
  3. PHP PHP freelance is very popular among the freelancing community. It is one of the most simple languages to learn, making it easy for non-technical individuals to manage their website's back-end. Many people offer great gigs working PHP websites. You also have the opportunity to freelance with PHP. WordPress also allows you to edit wp-config files. Cons
  4. Performance PHP is less performant than languages like Golang or runtimes like Node.JS. It is because PHP's architecture allows it to run a different process with every request it receives. That's why PHP should be used in place of it. However, this should not prevent you from learning PHP. PHP developers can still find jobs and make good money. For the next decade, PHP will likely play a significant role on the internet.
  5. JavaScript is a required language for Full Stack Developers. JavaScript can be used in both the front-end and back-end. This is why JavaScript is preferred by some developers over PHP. Is PHP dead? NO. PHP isn't dead. It is still unknown what the future holds. Future updates may include the most viable features. We will see. You might now know whether or not you want to learn PHP. Learning PHP is a great way to learn if you're going to be a sound back-end engineer and a master of a language. Don't believe everything you read on the internet about PHP. It's also a great place to begin your programming career.

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